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Treatments and Therapies

Uptiv Health provides infusion therapies for various chronic conditions, including autoimmune diseases and other long-standing health issues needing specialized medication. These encompass Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, psoriatic arthritis, thyroid eye disease, severe and allergic asthma, iron deficiency, gout, and many others. We also offer therapies for rare diseases like hATTR Amyloidosis.

Except for oncology treatments, we provide all infusion and injection therapies. This encompasses widely recognized biologics and their biosimilars, such as Remicade, Actemra, Cimzia, Rituxan, and Orencia. We also offer newly released therapies like Leqembi™. If you can’t find the treatment you need, contact us for assistance.

We provide treatments for ages 13 and up. Our staff includes a Family Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurses certified in pediatric care (Pediatric Advanced Life Support, also known as PALS). This certification shows our commitment to serving our diverse patient base and our ability to care for pediatric patients and administer our suite of therapies following drug manufacturers’ dosing guidelines.

As with any medication, there is a potential risk of reaction. We closely monitor all patients for any signs of reaction during the infusion, as well as during the required post-infusion monitoring period. Our clinicians have the requisite training and protocols to address reactions and emergencies. You will be educated on the typical post-infusion signs and symptoms so that you know how to alert your clinical team if you experience anything outside of that. With mild to moderate side effects post-infusion, you can reach out to a member of our team anytime via our app or phone, and we can help assess the situation. If an emergency or severe reaction occurs after you’ve left the clinic, we recommend that you call 911 immediately.

While infusion therapy is generally safe, some patients may experience medication-related side effects. Our clinical team will inform you about potential side effects and how to manage them. We provide close monitoring during and post-infusion, and you can always connect with our team via phone or secure chat for any concerns once you leave the clinic.

We provide lab services at our clinic for your convenience. Contact our team for more details.

Appointments and Scheduling

Call us at (734) 203-0176. Someone will always answer the phone, with no endless holding or options to pick from. And if we happen to miss your call, we will return all calls promptly. Once you are a patient and create an account in our patient app, you can also reach our team via a secure chat in the app, and we get back to you through the app just as quickly!

Our team will collaborate closely with you, your insurance, and your physician to obtain prior authorization and schedule your appointment as quickly as possible. Reach out to our team to get started. Typical patient scheduling occurs 5–7 days after physician referral, depending on the insurance referral processing speed.

Our goal is to have maximum flexibility for our patients’ schedules. As a result, we offer evening and weekend availability, so our team will work to accommodate your preferences. Just reach out, and we will ensure we can see you at a convenient time.

Absolutely! You are welcome to bring guests with you. We offer private suites that can accommodate guests or family suites for larger groups. You can inform us in advance via our Patient app if you’re expecting someone and their refreshment preferences.

First and foremost, you should expect a caring and knowledgeable clinic team who will greet you with a smile and ensure you feel comfortable throughout your session, whether on the 1st or the 10th. Your first session will include:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your health status
  • A review of the infusion process and therapy you are prescribed
  • Receiving your treatment

If necessary, we will also draw labs before your treatment, so you don’t have to go anywhere else. We will use numbing cream and vein finders if you have challenging veins. Our nurses have the magic touch when it comes to vein access! We will set you up with a comfortable chair, a warm blanket, a drink and snack of your choice, and your favorite show on the TV so that you can feel at home and focus on your health. We will answer any questions about your treatment and what to expect. And we will send you home with an Uptiv goodie bag with everything you need for comfort at your next infusion! Contact us today to experience a whole new kind of infusion care.

The duration ranges from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the medication and your specific treatment plan. Some therapies may require post-treatment monitoring, which our team will consider when scheduling your infusion and informing you of the estimated duration.

Absolutely. We manage all the necessary procedures to transfer your infusion care to Uptiv Health, from contacting your provider for the order to seeking prior authorization from your insurance. Contact our team for more details or to request a referral via this form.

Insurance and Payment

We accept major insurance plans, including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, and HAP. We do not currently accept Medicaid. Visit our insurance coverage page for full details.

Absolutely, we will inform you of available copay assistance or other programs applicable to your prescribed therapy and financial situation. We help you through application processes and work with dedicated resources to reduce your cost of care through copay assistance, coupons, and other available options.

Yes, we handle all necessary paperwork and liaise with your insurance and provider for the required information. We keep you and your provider informed every step of the way, so you know what to expect.

Eligibility is condition-specific and treatment-specific and depends on your insurance coverage. Consult with your healthcare provider and our team to determine if our services suit you. We cater to all infusion and injection therapies (excluding oncology). We are in-network with Medicare and major insurance providers such as BCBS Michigan, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, etc. Contact our team for any questions.

Patient Support Services

Under our Uptiv360 program, we provide comprehensive services, from transportation, copay program assistance, and care coordination to behavioral health support. Contact our team for more details.

Yes, we coordinate and provide transportation from home to the clinic and vice versa for patients in need.

Uptiv Health observes strict privacy policies. We use a secure and HIPAA-compliant app to sign your consent and facilitate secure staff communication electronically. Our private suites guarantee privacy and confidentiality.


We pride ourselves on consistent communication with providers, patients, and all others involved in patient care. When we receive and process your referral order, we confirm order receipts and progress updates to both you and your doctor. We provide your doctor with ongoing updates on all your scheduled appointments, share the infusion visit summary after every visit, and work closely with them on any other essential changes or needs in your care. As an extension of your doctor’s care team, we ensure open and reliable communication. Reach out to our team to schedule your infusion.


Uptiv360 is an innovative Care Management program designed to support patients with multiple chronic conditions. It complements our infusion services by providing whole-person care, which is usually covered by most insurance plans. The program offers access to a Care Coach and a Behavioral Health specialist within as little as 48 hours, helping patients adhere to prescribed care plans, better manage their symptoms and medications, implement lifestyle and nutrition changes, get mental health support, and access necessary resources.

Upon enrolling in Uptiv360, patients receive:

  • A dedicated Care Coach for all healthcare needs
  • Regular video calls and on-demand secure messaging with their Care Coach
  • Assistance with understanding care plans, medication adherence, finding better pricing for medications, accessing social and community support, scheduling appointments, and more
  • Assistance with nutrition, physical activity, and other lifestyle changes that contribute to improved quality of life
  • Behavioral Health services include weekly videos, calls with a dedicated Behavioral Health specialist, and access to behavioral tools and techniques

Care Coaches are your advocates in all your healthcare needs. They aid patients in the following:

  • Understanding and adhering to their care plan and medications
  • Understanding overall healthcare benefits and getting access to them
  • Finding better medication pricing and accessing care.
  • Setting and achieving health-related goals
  • Educating on conditions or medications
  • Nutritional and dietary guidance
  • Weight management
  • Physical activity guidance
  • Coordinating care with primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists

The Behavioral Health Specialist will focus on helping you understand what’s behind your feelings and what behavior changes you can make to feel better. Techniques include problem-solving, thought reframing, guided discovery, motivational work, behavioral activation, and more. These techniques yield results quickly, and our research and experience show that most patients feel improvement quickly, make notable progress, and feel confident to graduate from the program in 6–12 months with a strong relapse prevention plan and a great relationship with their providers at Uptiv if they ever need more help.

The goal of Uptiv360 is to provide you with the support you need when you need it. Our Care Coaches and Behavioral Health Specialists will develop a plan with you outlining the frequency of your regular scheduled calls, which may vary from 30 minutes every week to a monthly check-in, depending on the level of support you may need. We are also readily available to answer any on-demand questions or provide help via our secure chat on the patient app.

As soon as you discuss your needs and choose to participate with your Uptiv Medical Provider, we will schedule your first video call with our Behavioral Health Specialist or Care Coach (which you can do from home, work, or from our clinic if you like). We can typically see you as quickly as 48 hours and set up a convenient weekly series of quick check-in appointments after that. Once you enroll, you’ll communicate with us by phone, video, and/or secure messaging via our app—whatever you find most convenient! 

Uptiv360 connects you to a team of specialists who will support you in your care. That includes a Physician, Nurse Manager, Behavioral Health specialist, and your personal dedicated Care Coach. 

You, the Patient: You’re the most essential part of your care team! Your care works best when you actively participate and let your care provider know what’s helping you and what’s not. It’s okay to start by talking about anything you’re comfortable with. Just be open to trying new things and sharing how it’s going.

Care Coach: Your personal Care Coach is your guide and advocates for all your healthcare needs. They will help coordinate your care with your PCP and other specialists, help you stay on track with prescribed care plans, and improve your life to manage your condition better.

Behavioral Health Specialist (BHS): Think of your BHS as a mental health coach trained to help with counseling and treatments. They’ll work with you regularly to set up a care plan just for you, cheer you on, monitor your progress, and make any necessary changes.

Uptiv Medical Provider: This is the person who oversees your entire care at the clinic. They’ll monitor your progress and work with other doctors you might need for things like medicine refills or new prescriptions. If you have any questions, they’re there to help.

Uptiv360’s Care Coaches work closely with the patient’s existing healthcare providers, acting as an extension, not a replacement, of the care team. They ensure that patients understand their care plans, help manage goals, and assist with benefit understanding and medication adherence, all while keeping the treating physicians in control of any treatment adjustments.

The cost of Uptiv360’s Care Management and Behavioral Health programs is typically covered by commercial insurance and Medicare. We provide a cost estimate before your enrollment, ensuring patients are fully informed and in control of their participation in the program. In many cases, this may be at zero cost to the patient.

No, Uptiv360 does not prescribe medications. The program is designed to support the treatment plans prescribed by the patient’s PCP or specialists. Our team coordinates with treating providers on any necessary adjustments but does not directly prescribe medications or treatments.