We believe in the power of partnership to transform healthcare

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Creating an exceptional and human-centered care experience for people with complex needs is no easy task and requires collaboration, coordination and partnerships across the entire healthcare ecosystem. At Uptiv, we strongly believe we can only achieve improvements in healthcare and for the person we serve by working together.

See examples of how we can work together below and join us in our mission to improve lives and lower healthcare costs by dropping us a line in our Contact Us page.

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Partnerships across all avenues of health drive results and improved quality of life

Patient associations
and organizations

We love to collaborate with patients and advocacy groups to raise awareness of infusion options and whole person care models. Additionally, we involve patients in co-creating and designing our future virtual care capabilities.

Referring providers

We prioritize a smooth experience for our patients, which requires close collaboration with our referring providers and embeds them in key stages of the infusion and whole-person journey. Reach out to hear more.

Hospital systems

Our focus on solving the person’s broader healthcare needs make us particularly open to conversations and collaborations with hospital and healthcare systems locally and nationally. We’re acting as an extended care team and welcome deep integrations to provide a strong customer experience and improved outcomes.


Our focus on supporting the whole person vs. a condition makes us great partners with payers and third-party administrators to collaborate on population health, care navigation and social determinants of health.

Pharmaceutical companies

Our infusion care model and technology platform enable us to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies on clinical trials and innovative therapies, supporting the development of more effective treatments with whole-person care approaches.