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Seamless digital platform for continuous care


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Experience seamless and connected care with our patient app

Stay connected with your care team

Never miss an appointment again

The app sends timely reminders, helping you easily stay on track with your infusion therapy schedule.

Effortless check-in and no paperwork

Your infusion, Your way

Customize your infusion experience by specifying preferences such as:

Supportive Care Ecosystem

This app feature fosters unified care and collaboration between patients, communities, and their caregivers. As a patient, you can add caregivers to your profile, ensuring everyone is informed and involved in your care and creating a supportive and collaborative environment.

Tailored care plans for your journey

This feature allows the care team to set care goals with you, assess your needs, and work towards them through tailored activities, thus aligning each patient with their unique health objectives.

Transparent billing and In-app payment

Understanding the cost of care and managing the expense is easier with the app, as you can view your co-pay amounts and make payments directly through the app, simplifying the financial aspects of your care.

Access your medical records

Whether you want to see the summary of your infusion visits, your consents, or any other document, you have access to your records at your fingertips.

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