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Human-Centered Design In Healthcare

At Uptiv, we understand the challenges that payers face in today’s healthcare environment. Rising healthcare costs, complex care needs, and an aging population all contribute to the growing demand for high-quality, affordable care. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of services that will improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

By leveraging modern digital tools and our whole-person care philosophy, we partner with payers around population health management and creating healthier communities across the nation.

uptiv health

By partnering with Uptiv, we can tackle some of the most pressing issues in healthcare together:

30-60% infusion
cost savings

Our modern retail infusion centers use a lean, efficient and clinically sound operating model reducing healthcare costs by 30-60% over traditional infusion settings like hospitals and hospital outpatient settings. 

Reduce ED and hospital admission rates

Our whole-person care model provides continuous support and care guidance for our patients in-clinic and at-home via virtual care capabilities.

Reduce care gaps

Over the course of the infusion treatment of our patients, we check in with them in-clinic and at-home to help them manage their medications, appointments and relevant health assessments, thus closing care gaps and eliminating confusion.

Increase care plan and rx adherence

Managing a chronic care journey is difficult, confusing and can be overwhelming for most. Through human and digital engagement, we help our patients improve care plan and medication adherence.

Increase net promoter scores & customer satisfaction

We offer exceptional human-centered care for people with complex healthcare needs. Our care team serves as a close care companion and we pride ourselves on high customer satisfaction rates and customer service. 

Improved health outcomes and quality of life

Our whole-person focus and continuous care model across in-clinic and at-home settings allow our patients to improve their health outcomes and quality of life. We’re here for them physically and virtually with one goal in mind: make their lives easier and more comfortable.